Complaint to be Filed by an ASEAN Registered Lawyer or Law Firm

ASEAN complaint companyASEAN registered lawyers or law firms may file an anonymous case on behalf of one of their clients (i.e., the ASEAN Enterprise having the trade problem). In such cases, the lawyer or law firm, duly licensed to practice law in the ASEAN Member State where the client is based or against which the complaint is filed, must first contact the ASEAN Secretariat and provide the required data on its professional registration and on the client on whose behalf the anonymous complaint is being filed.
In order to do so, please download the necessary form \ and submit it by email to the ASEAN Secretariat at as specified on the form itself.

Once the ASEAN Secretariat has provided the Confidential Case Code (CCC) by email to the lawyer or law firm, the actual complaint can be filed. To do so, please fill-in the form below so as to provide ASSIST with enough information on the trade problem experienced by the ASEAN Enterprise being represented. Fields marked with an * are mandatory fields. If no law firm exists, individual lawyers can insert their personal details twice (i.e., in the fields for Law Firm and Lawyer).

In order to file a valid complaint, you shall verify your submission by replying to the automated email that you will receive from ASSIST shortly after submission (please check also your spam/junk boxes).


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  I have read and accept the ASSIST rules.
 I hereby submit this complaint to the Central Administrator of ASSIST and I accept its transmission to the relevant authorities of the ASEAN Member States involved