Business sectors of Goods, Services and Investment

I.             GOODS (1)
1.            Tariff-related measures
2.            Rules of origin
3.            Non-tariff measures
3.1          Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
3.1.1      Prohibitions and restrictions of imports for SPS reasons
3.1.2      Tolerance limits for residues and restricted use of substances
3.1.3      Labelling, marking and packaging requirements
3.1.4      Hygienic requirements
3.1.5      Treatment for elimination of plant and animal pests and disease-causing organisms in the final product (e.g., post-harvest treatment)
3.1.6      Other requirements on production or post-production processes
3.1.7      Conformity assessment related to SPS
3.1.8      SPS measures not elsewhere specified
3.2          Technical barriers to trade
3.2.1      Prohibitions or restrictions of imports for TBT reasons
3.2.2      Tolerance limits for residues and restricted use of substances
3.2.3      Labelling, marking, and packaging requirements
3.2.4      Production or post-Production requirements
3.2.5      Product identity requirement
3.2.6      Product quality or performance requirement
3.2.7      Conformity assessment related to TBT
3.2.8      TBT measures not elsewhere specified
3.3          Pre-shipment inspection and other formalities
3.3.1      Pre-shipment inspection
3.3.2      Direct consignment requirement
3.3.3      Requirement to pass through specified port of customs
3.3.4      Import monitoring and surveillance requirements and other automatic licensing measures
3.3.5      Other formalities not elsewhere specified
3.4          Contingent trade protective measures
3.4.1      Antidumping measures
3.4.2      Countervailing measure
3.4.3      Safeguard measures
3.5          Non-automatic licensing, quotas, prohibitions, and quantity control measures other than for SPS or TBT reasons
3.5.1      Non-automatic import licensing procedures other than authorisations for SPS or TBT reasons
3.5.2      Quotas
3.5.3      Prohibitions other than for SPS and TBT reasons
3.5.4      Export restraint arrangement
3.5.5      Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs)
3.5.6      Quantity control measures not elsewhere specified
3.6          Price control measures including additional taxes and charges
3.6.1      Administrative measures affecting customs value
3.6.2      Voluntary export price restraints (VEPRs)
3.6.3      Variable charges
3.6.4      Customs surcharges
3.6.5      Seasonal duties
3.6.6      Additional taxes and charges levied in connection to services provided by the Government
3.6.7      Internal taxes and charges levied on imports
3.6.8      Decreed Customs valuations
3.6.9      Price control measures not elsewhere specified
3.7          Finance measures
3.7.1      Advance payment requirement
3.7.2      Multiple exchange rates
3.7.3      Regulation on official foreign exchange allocation
3.7.4      Regulations concerning terms of payment for imports
3.7.5      Finance measures not elsewhere specified
3.8          Measures affecting competition
3.8.1      State trading enterprises, for importing; other selective import channels
3.8.2      Compulsory use of national services
3.8.3      Measures affecting competition not elsewhere specified
3.9          Trade-related investment measures (TRIMs)
3.9.1      Local content measures
3.9.2      Trade balancing measures
3.9.3      Trade-related investment measures not elsewhere specified
3.10       Distribution restrictions
3.10.1    Geographical restriction
3.10.2    Restriction on resellers
3.11       Restriction on post-sales services
3.12       Subsidies (excluding export subsidies)
3.13       Government procurement restrictions
3.14       Intellectual property
3.15       Export-related measures
3.15.1    Export license, quota, prohibition, and other quantitative restrictions
3.15.2    State trading enterprises, for exporting; other selective export channels
3.15.3    Export price control measures
3.15.4    Measures on re-export
3.15.5    Export taxes and charges
3.15.6    Export technical measures
3.15.7    Export subsidies
3.15.8    Export credits
3.15.9    Export measures not elsewhere specified
II.            SERVICES (2)
1.            Business Services
1.1          Professional Services
1.1.1      Legal Services                                                                                                                                                                                    
1.1.2      Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services
1.1.3      Taxation Services
1.1.4      Architectural services
1.1.5      Engineering services
1.1.6      Integrated engineering services
1.1.7      Urban planning and landscape architectural services      
1.1.8      Medical and dental services
1.1.9      Veterinary services
1.1.10    Services provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapists and para-medical personnel
1.1.11    Other professional services
1.2          Computer and Related Services
1.2.1      Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware      
1.2.2      Software implementation services
1.2.3      Data processing services
1.2.4      Data base services
1.2.5      Other computer and related services
1.3          Research and Development Services
1.3.1      R&D services on natural sciences
1.3.2      R&D services on social sciences and humanities
1.3.3      Interdisciplinary R&D services
1.4          Real Estate Services
1.4.1      Involving own or leased property
1.4.2      On a fee or contract basis
1.5          Rental/Leasing Services without Operators
1.5.1      Relating to ships
1.5.2      Relating to aircraft
1.5.3      Relating to other transport equipment
1.5.4      Relating to other machinery and equipment
1.5.5      Other rental/leasing services without operators
1.6          Other Business Services
1.6.1      Advertising services
1.6.2      Market research and public opinion polling services     
1.6.3      Management consulting service
1.6.4      Services related to manufacturing consulting
1.6.5      Technical testing and analysis services
1.6.6      Services incidental to agriculture, hunting and forestry    
1.6.7      Services incidental to fishing                                                       
1.6.8      Services incidental to mining
1.6.9      Services incidental to manufacturing
1.6.10    Services incidental to energy distribution
1.6.11    Placement and supply services of personnel                               
1.6.12    Investigation and security                                                                  
1.6.13    Related scientific and technical consulting services
1.6.14    Maintenance and repair of equipment
1.6.15    Building-cleaning services                                                                  
1.6.16    Photographic services                                                                         
1.6.17    Packaging services                                                                                
1.6.18    Printing, publishing
1.6.19    Convention services
1.6.20    Other business services                                                                
2.            Communication Services
2.1          Postal services
2.2          Courier services
2.3          Telecommunication services
2.3.1      Voice telephone services
2.3.2      Packet-switched data transmission services
2.3.3      Circuit-switched data transmission services
2.3.4      Telex services
2.3.5      Telegraph services                                                                                 
2.3.6      Facsimile services
2.3.7      Private leased circuit services
2.3.8      Electronic mail
2.3.9      Voice mail
2.3.10    On-line information and data base retrieval
2.3.11    Electronic data interchange (EDI)
2.3.12    Enhanced/value added facsimile services, incl. store and forward, store and retrieve
2.3.13    Code and protocol conversion
2.3.14    On-line information and/or data processing (including transaction processing)
2.3.15    Other telecommunication services
2.4          Audio-visual services
2.4.1      Motion picture and video tape production and distribution services
2.4.2      Motion picture projection service
2.4.3      Radio and television services
2.4.4      Radio and television transmission services
2.4.5      Sound recording
2.4.6      Other audio-visual services
2.5          Other communication services
3.            Construction and related engineering services
3.1          General construction work for buildings
3.2          General construction work for civil engineering
3.3          Installation and assembly work
3.4          Building completion and finishing work
3.5          Other construction and related engineering services
4.            Distribution services
4.1          Commission agents’ services
4.2          Wholesale trade services
4.3          Retailing services
4.4          Franchising
4.5          Other distribution services
5.            Educational services                                                                       
5.1          Primary education services
5.2          Secondary education services
5.3          Higher education services
5.4          Adult education
5.5          Other education services
6.            Environmental services                           
6.1          Sewage services
6.2          Refuse disposal services
6.3          Sanitation and similar services
6.4          Other environmental services
7.            Financial services
7.1          All insurance and insurance-related services
7.1.1      Life, accident and health insurance services
7.1.2      Non-life insurance services                                                                 
7.1.3      Reinsurance and retrocession
7.1.4      Services auxiliary to insurance (including broking and agency services)
7.2          Banking and other financial services
7.2.1      Acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds from the public
7.2.2      Lending of all types, incl., inter alia, consumer credit, mortgage credit, factoring and financing of commercial transaction
7.2.3      Financial leasing
7.2.4      All payment and money transmission services
7.2.5      Guarantees and commitments
7.2.6      Trading for own account or for account of customers, whether on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following:                                                                        
7.2.7      Participation in issues of all kinds of securities, incl. under-writing and placement as agent (whether publicly or privately) and provision of service related to such issues
7.2.8      Money broking
7.2.9      Asset management, such as cash or portfolio management, all forms of collective investment management, pension fund management, custodial depository and trust services      
7.2.10    Settlement and clearing services for financial assets, incl. securities, derivative products, and other negotiable instruments
7.2.11    Advisory and other auxiliary financial services
7.2.12    Provision and transfer of financial information, and financial data processing and related software by providers of other financial services
7.3          Financial services, other
8.            Health-related and social services
8.1          Hospital services
8.2          Other Human Health Services
8.3          Social Services
8.4          Other health-related and social services
9.            Tourism and travel-related services
9.1          Hotels and restaurants (including catering)
9.2          Travel agencies and tour operator services
9.3          Tourist guides services
9.4          Other tourism and travel-related services
10.          Recreational, cultural and sporting services
10.1        Entertainment services       
10.2        News agency services
10.3        Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural services
10.4        Sporting and other recreational services
10.5        Other recreational, cultural and sporting services
11.          Transport services
11.1        Maritime Transport Services      
11.1.1    Passenger transportation
11.1.2    Freight transportation
11.1.3    Rental of vessels with crew
11.1.4    Maintenance and repair of vessels
11.1.5    Pushing and towing services
11.1.6    Supporting services for maritime transport
11.2        Internal Waterways Transport      
11.2.1    Passenger transportation
11.2.2    Freight transportation
11.2.3    Rental of vessels with crew
11.2.4    Maintenance and repair of vessels
11.2.5    Pushing and towing services
11.2.6    Supporting services for internal waterway transport
11.3        Air Transport Services      
11.3.1    Passenger transportation
11.3.2    Freight transportation
11.3.3    Rental of aircraft with crew
11.3.4    Maintenance and repair of aircraft
11.3.5    Supporting services for air transport
11.4        Space Transport
11.5        Rail Transport Services
11.5.1    Passenger transportation
11.5.2    Freight transportation
11.5.3    Pushing and towing services
11.5.4    Maintenance and repair of rail transport equipment
11.5.5    Supporting services for rail transport services
11.6        Road Transport Services
11.6.1    Passenger transportation
11.6.2    Freight transportation                                                                          
11.6.3    Rental of commercial vehicles with operator                               
11.6.4    Maintenance and repair of road transport equipment      
11.6.5    Supporting services for road transport services                   
11.7        Pipeline Transport
11.7.1    Transportation of fuels
11.7.2    Transportation of other goods
11.8        Services auxiliary to all modes of transport      
11.8.1    Cargo-handling services
11.8.2    Storage and warehouse services
11.8.3    Freight transport agency services
11.8.3    Services auxiliary to all modes of transport, other              
11.9        Other Transport Services
III.           Investment (3)
1.            Manufacturing
2.            Agriculture
3.            Fishery
4.            Forestry
5.            Mining and Quarrying
6.            Services Incidental to Manufacturing
7.            Services Incidental to Agriculture
8.            Services Incidental to Fishery
9.            Services Incidental to Forestry
10.          Services Incidental to Mining and Quarrying

(1) This classification is based on the classification proposed and endorsed for use in the ASEAN Trade Repository, with respect to notification obligations under Article 13 of the ATIGA.
(2) The list of services is adapted from WTO Document #MTN/GNS/W/120, Services Sector Classification List.
(3) The list of investment sectors is taken from Article 3 of the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement.